asana junkies day 3: a foray…


sarurday, day 3

just another day of workshop wtih Christina Sell and with such radical, awesome and inspiring women!!!  i’m honored, humbled and grateful to be in such bad-ass company!  (i’m tired so i should go to bed. it’s late in Austin and day 4 starts early tomorrow, so forgive the writing quality of this entry)  today was was a hard day, but a super fun day.

in asana practice we got our vrischikasana (scorpion) on.  the several hour session offered good ol’ fashioned hard work with skillful and challenging sequencing by Miss Christina Sell. i love the way she’s leading the workshops at her School of Yoga. it really invokes community and inspires continued challenging practice.

(oh there’s so much to say…)

at lunch i went to the river with Miss Malek and Mew Mew (her adorable chiwawa), Tanya, Christine Lee and Cheryl from Florida.  i enjoyed seeing texas community having fun in the sun… lol and i love that i saw a dude with a big cowboy hat, cowboy boots, shorts and lots of tattoos. he was great. the river posse consisted of lots of dogs,  families, plenty of children, rugged loners, couples, beers, icechests, etc. the most entertaining part was watching the scene of waterfall chasers.  lounging sunbathers in tubes, courageous kids running down backwards, tubes tied to other tubes, tubes tied to icechests on tubes, boats, kayaks, boogie boards, dare devils torpedoing bare-belly down, backwards… some were scary to watch!  i’m grateful i went.  it felt like a sweet gift, a special feature of the worksh0p to get to go “chill out” at the river in between sessions.  on the banks christine and i talked shop in preparation for November’s Costa Rica retreat.

a change of clothes and we’re back at it for afternoon practice:  a foray with hanumanasana! ha! ha! miss tanya jokingly called it a weekend in wine country.. it was funny.  (also funny, if you’re a dork about words, foray’s first definition is: a sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, esp. to obtain something; a raid.  secondly, its an attempt to become involved in a new activity or sphere. … that sounds about right.  it’s an attack into enemy territory of hanumanasana to obtain new insight, revelation, opening, for hopefully some sense of ease)  we entertained ourselves with lots of quad and hammy opening.

mr. kelly sell is so kind and generous. he made us delicious curry and rice for dinner! we ate together and shared rich conversation with plenty of smiles, giggling and chocolate for dessert.  some of us stayed after and Miss Livia showed us a You Tube video of a narcoleptic cat that sent us rolling on the floor.  christine, tanya, and melissa shared a car ride to our hosts’ homes.  due to construction, the car took a li’l detour, and we were lost in the depths of conversation with an audience of lovely green trees.  after we dropped off melissa and christine, what’s better than an adventure at Sprouts?  an adventure at Sprouts… twice.  ha ha… we forgot something, and of course drifting all over in conversation led our car drifting all over getting a little lost on the way home… but only the first time.  lol.

laundry of our sweaty clothes, and goodnight….more tomorrow.