A 1998 accident turned Stephani’s world upside down and delivered her into the welcoming arms of yoga. It all came about in a very grace-filled way. Her mother gave her a book called Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain.  She took advantage of her down time and visualized herself being well.So began Stephani”s journey on the path of yoga. She began reading passionately about the power of awareness, and working to better herself.

In 2003, Stephani graduated from Norhern Arizona University with a bachelor of science in Community Health Promotions.  Her asana practice began at NAU in 2001 with Lisa Connor teaching the Iyengar method.  Mid-semester, Erin Widman came to sub the rest of the class and she’s what led Stephani to The Yoga Experience and ultimately Anusara yoga!

Yoga challenged Stephani on every level. She experienced significant pain the first few years of her practice.new11
Yoga guided her into the “scary places” of pain and discomfort, physically and emotionally. Through yoga, she learned to have a conversation with intense sensations rather than her habitual reaction:  grimace and avoidance.  It is an life-long conversation.

For Stephani, yoga is learning to live her life more fully: to feel intense sensations and not try to run and hide, to be in discomfort and yet remain open to learning, to experience the elation of accomplishment when she achieves a form of a posture for the first time, to persevere despite self-imposed limitations, to share the abundant gifts of this practice with others, and to feel consistently humbled and grateful.

teaching mission statement

Each day Stephani (500 E-RYT) sets out with a prayer, “May I be of service.”  She says, “Whether I fumble my words; confuse left and right sides; or speak with precision, clarity and authenticity, may I help someone in someway, if only for a giggle or a grin.  My life is a gift.  I am so fortunate to be a student on the path of yoga.  May I make myself and my life an offering of gratitude for all I have received.  May I teach with humble gratitude for my amazing teachers, and honor them by lighting up my students’ hearts in the same way the practice of yoga has lit me up from within.  May I teach, practice, and heal with great efficacy.  I bow to all that has made me into who I am today.  May my I persevere in my growth, so I may deepen the reservoir from which I serve.”


abyasa: committed, consistent practice over a long period of time.

devotion, humility and humiliation, service, breaking habits and patterns that do not serve me, living happily, looking to the good, trust, hard work, patience, willingness, persistence, light-heartedness, laughter, beauty, nature, kindness, discipline, community, connection


Let the heart lead the way. Ethics are grey lines and the heart’s guidance may color in and out of the lines at times.  Stephani believes in ’cause and effect’ or the laws of karma, that we reap what we sew.  Yet, she also believe in the spontaneous play, randomness and chaos of the universe, called lila.  She’s here to help people be better people.  She serves with empathy, in that she treats her students the way she would prefer to be treated, with love, compassion, discipline, knowledge, and mindfulness… and oh yes, of course playfulness!


Stephani is committed to living happily, in devotion to God, and being in service to others in finding and living their bliss; to the ongoing journey of yoga and it’s implicit path of self-transformation.


While residing in Flagstaff AZ, Stephani volunteered weekly to teach yoga at the Coconino County jail.  She learned a great deal about herself, the efficacy of yoga, and skillfulness as a teacher, as this was one of her most challenging teaching experiences.   She is grateful for the intrinsic reward of teaching, and hopes her teaching serves the greater good.

my teachers

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